1/2" 1000 psi Air/Mixed Gas Hose | 80063-33HB


Black neoprene hose with a black nitrile inner lining, reinforced with a braided high-tensile synthetic textile cord. Temperature range of -40°F to 120°F (-40°C to 48.9°C) with a working pressure of 1000 psi (69 bar). Diameter: 1/2 in.


Sold by the foot. If you want to order 9-feet of hose, enter "9" in quantity ("Qty") field. Fittings sold separately.

Hose Specifications

80063 is a low-pressure hose that meets Mil-H-2815G Section 3.12.2 off-gassing for breathing applications such as supplied air respirators.
To order hose with hose ends, see SKU 80063-33HB-CUSTOM (Custom 1/2" 1000 psi Air/Mixed Gas Hose & Hose Ends).

SKU 80063-33HB
Hose I.D. 1/2 in
Maximum O.D. 0.94 in
Minimum Bend Radius 5.0 in
Weight 0.29 lb/ft (0.43 kg/m)
Tube Nitrile - Type C
Cover Type A (Neoprene), perforated (color: black)
Maximum Working Pressure 1000 psi (69 bar)
Working Temperature Range -40°F to 120°F (-40°C to 49°C)
Vacuum Rating 30 in Hg
Recommended Use
Handling mixtures of oxygen, helium and nitrogen gases customarily used in diving applications as air breathing hose. The kink-resistant hose is designed for extra long wear under normal operating use.
Standards Meets MIL-H-2815G Section 3.12.2 off-gassing for air breathing applications, especially diving.

PLEASE NOTE: Custom cut hose and hose ends are special order items and are not returnable and are non-refundable. For additional information see our RETURNS POLICY. For assistance with ordering custom hose and hose ends, or if your application requires "fractional foot" ordering (hose lengths that are not in one-foot increments, i.e. 14-foot, 7-inch hose length), please contact the Nuvair sales team.