Walker Air/Oil Separator Element · Rotair RVG10


Replacement air/oil separator element for OEM Part # 157169S. Fits Rotair model RVG 10 rotary screw compressors. Manufactured by Walker Filtration.

Walker Filtration Genuine Parts

Nuvair is an Authorized Walker Filtration Distributor
Nuvair sells only genuine parts and equipment manufactured by Walker Filtration. ISO 9001 accredited, Walker Filtration designs, develops, and manufactures high quality compressed air filtration, vacuum air/oil separation, and drying solutions for a wide range of industrial and medical applications on a global scale.

Some Walker Filtration parts are not available for purchase online. To ensure this genuine Walker Filtration part fits your compressor model/version, please contact the Nuvair sales team for ordering assistance.


Dimensions d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 h1
mm M 24x1.5 62 71 93 96 212
Inches   2.44 2.80 3.66 3.78 8.35
Maximum Operating Pressure 20 bar [290 psi]
Residual Oil Content¹ max. 3 mg/m³
Initial Pressure Drop¹ 0.35 bar [5.07 psi]
Service Life max. 2000 hr / 1 bar Δp
Nominal Flow Rate² 2.0 m³/min [70.7 CFM]
Permissible Operating Temperatures Long Term⁴: -20°C to +100°C [-4°F to +212°F]
Short Term⁵: +120°C [+248°F]

¹ At nominal load and 7 bar overpressure. Inadequate precleaning can impair this value.
² Operating temperatures relate to the entire spin-on separator system.
⁴ Short-term: Dwell time at the short-term temperature of not more than 10 min. The distance between 2 short-term peaks must be at least 0.5 h. After approx. 300 peaks have been reached, we recommend changing the seal and filter.
⁵ Nominal flow rate according to DIN 1945 at 7 bar [0.7 MPa] operating overpressure.