Nardi Atlantic Gasoline Compressor Filter Cartridge


Described by NARDI COMPRESSORI as "Cartridge for Atlantic gasoline with MC-AC-HO" (molecular sieve, activated carbon, and hopcalite)." Classified as "CARTRIDGE ATL GASOL." Fits NARDI COMRESSORI filter towers AT148-105 and AT148-106.


The filtering systems and filter cartridges manufactured by NARDI COMPRESSORI are designed and produced for optimized efficiency and for maximum safety.

NARDI COMPRESSORI filters and cartridges purify air and any compressed gases by removing water and oil remnants, along with any odors that might pass through external mechanical separators. NARDI COMPRESSORI filters are equipped with an internal mechanical separator which spin-dries air and eliminates liquids prior to entry into the filter cartridge intake.

All filters have a maintenance valve to ensure maximum contact of gases with the absorbing materials. This procedure guarantees conformity with breathing air standards DIN EN 12021:2014.

The all-aluminum filter cartridge body contains two felt disks to remove larger particles, molecular sieve (MC) to adsorb water vapor, activated carbon (AC) to eliminate oil vapors and odors, and hopcalite (HO, considered optional, but generally required for gas-powered compressors) to convert carbon monoxide (CO) to carbon dioxide (CO₂).

All cartridges are vacuum-packed and sealed to ensure integrity of the drying material from external contaminants while in storage.

Nardi Compressori Genuine Parts

Nuvair is an Authorized NARDI COMPRESSORI Distributor
Nuvair sells only genuine compressors and parts manufactured by NARDI. Founded in 1965, Italian compressor manufacturer NARDI is a UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 company. NARDI produces 30,000 units annually and distributes to over 100 countries. Its vast compressor portfolio runs from 115 psi to over 7250 psi (8–500+ bar).

Some NARDI products are not available for purchase online. To ensure this genuine NARDI component fits your compressor model or intended application, please contact the Nuvair sales team for ordering assistance. Do not be fooled by cheap aftermarket copies of original NARDI equipment. Items labeled “replacement” or “alternative” are not manufactured by NARDI COMPRESSORI.