11.1V 800mAh Lithium Battery Charger 5.5 x 2.1 mm Barrel


Custom smart charger (0.8A) for 11.1V Li-ion battery. The charger is compatible with certain Nuvair Pro analyzer rechargeable batteries. 


Li-ion Polymer 7.4V 800mAh replacement battery for use in the following Nuvair Pro analyzers:

  • 9603-LB: Pro Trio - CO/CO2/O2 Analyzer - Lithium Battery
  • 9610-LB: Pro O2 Alarm w/ SPDT Relays in Weatherproof Box
  • 9615.5-LB: Pro CO2 Alarm w/ SPDT Relays in Weatherproof Box
  • 9615-LB: Pro CO2 in Weatherproof Box W/ Lithium Battery
  • 9619.1-LB: Remote Audible, Visual Alarm W/ (1) SPDT Relay
  • 9619.2-LB: Remote Audible Visual Alarm W/ (1) DPDT Relay
  • 9623-LB: Pro Duo (CO/O2) Analyzer Lithium Battery
  • 9626.5-LB: Pro CO Alarm w/Piezo Alarm & Relay Lithium Battery


Output 12.6 VDC 0.8A
Charging Current 0.8A
Protection Output shorted and overload protection
Universal Input 100~240 VAC 17W 50/60Hz
Weight 5 oz
Indicator Lights Red = charging.
Green = fully charged.
Dim green/no LED = attempting to charge a fully battery. Solution: drain battery and recharge again.