Dual CAN-35 Air Filtration System Configured For Optional Moisture Sensor


This model of the dual CAN-35 air filtration system is configured to accept the Nuvair Pro H2O Alarm Analyzer, SKU 9607-E.


  • Dual 6000 psi (414 bar) CAN-35 towers
  • JIC #4 input and output
  • 211 back pressure regulator on output
  • 7500 psi gauge on output
  • 99-9607-DP-6071 adaption for humidity (optional humidity probe shown)
  • (1) Filter set
  • Assembled on unistrut for easy surface mounting
  • Analyzer and sensor not included

Replacement filter elements:

  • (1) SKU NUV65677-M
  • (1) SKU NUV65247-MHC

Customized builds available. Also available in a 5000 psi (345 bar) model.

This configuration is often used in fire truck applications.