Three Stage SPX Hankison HF 24 Series Filter Package


The low pressure SPX Hankison HF 24 series filter package includes three stage filtration for up to 100 SCFM (2831 L/min) flow at 100 psi (7 bar). Comes equipped with a #12 SAE inlet fitting, on/off ball valve, and a #12 SAE fitting for a diver's hose. It is recommended for the Quincy 370 and Quincy 5120 compressor packages. When used properly this filter pack removes moisture, 99.9999+% of particles 0.01 micron or larger, and oil vapor down to <0.003 ppm/w. Various options available with this package at an additional cost.


Nuvair stocks low pressure breathing air filtration packages (housings and filters) commonly used in commercial diving. Whether you are looking for individual filters or multi-stage filtration packages, Nuvair has your solution in stock. Order individual components online or contact us to put together a package for your specific needs. Systems have a maximum operating pressure of 200 psi (14 bar).

Standard Upgrade Options

SKU Description
6063.3-LPF-SL Low pressure feed filtration package with soft line on/off
9959-6063.3-3DM Filter package with three-diver output manifold
9959-6063.3-4DM Filter package with four-diver ouput manifold
9959-6063.3-4DM-AN Filter package with four-diver output manifold with analyzer connection

If you are interested in purchasing an upgraded version of this Hankison filter pack, please contact the sales team for ordering assistance.

Maximum Pressure & Temperature Operating Range

Drain Type Maximum Operating Pressure Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature
Drain Plug 300 psi (21 bar) 150°F (66°C) 35°F (2°C)
Internal Automatic Drain 250 psi (17 bar) 150°F (66°C) 35°F (2°C)

Drain plug standard. Externally mounted automatic drains are available.

Performance Data

ISO performance data of the three-stage HF Series filter housing when configured with Grade 1 (Oil Vapor Removal), Grade 5 (High Efficiency Oil Removal), and Grade 7 (Air Line) filter elements:

Element Removes ISO 8573.1: 2010 Air Quality Class Where Used
Grade 7 ∙ Solids 1.0 micron and larger
∙ Remaining oil content 1 ppm/w
∙ Solid Particles: Class 2
∙ Remaining Oil Content: Class 4
∙ Upstream of ultra high efficiency oil removal filters
∙ At point-of-use if aftercooler/separator installed upstream
Grade 5 ∙ 99.999+% of solids 0.01 micron and larger
∙ Remaining oil content <0.008 ppm/w
∙ Solid Particles: Class 1
∙ Remaining Oil Content: Class 1
∙ Upstream of desiccant dryers
∙ Downstream of refrigerated dryers
∙ At point-of-use if aftercooler/separator installed upstream 
Grade 1 ∙ Removes 99.9999+% of solids 0.01 micron and larger
∙ Remaining oil content <0.003 ppm/w (as a vapor)
∙ Solid Particles: Class 1
∙ Remaining Oil Content: Class 1
∙ Downstream of high efficiency oil removal filters


Hankison Genuine Parts

Nuvair is an Authorized Hankison® Distributor
Nuvair sells only genuine parts and equipment manufactured by SPX Flow Hankison®. Do not be fooled by cheap aftermarket copies of original Hankison equipment. Items labeled “replacement” or “alternative” are not manufactured by SPX Flow Hankison.

Some SPX Flow Hankison parts are not are not regularly stocked. To determine product availability and lead time, please contact the Nuvair sales team for ordering assistance.