HF OCA 40,000 cu ft Hyper Purifier 5000 psi


Hyper pure air/gas appliance. 5000 psi (345 bar). 40,000 cu ft filter cartridge capacity. 12 SCFM rating.


Polishing clean gases to ultra pure levels (up to 99.99%) requires equipment designed to those standards. The Hyper Pure filter system meets the demands of applications such as very pure laboratory gases, blending gases, oxygen compatible air (OCA), and anywhere that zero air* might be required. Hyper Pure is a sensible and simple way to process these gases.


Description HF Type Hyper Purifier (5000 psi)
Rating 5000 psi (345 bar)
Flow Rate 12 SCFM (340 L/min)
Cartridge Capacity 40,000 cu ft
Replacement Cartridges X96677 & X96337 (linked below under Related Products)
Seal Kit SK-535306-BB
Construction of Cartridge Holder Aluminum with bronze hard anodized
Dimensions 18 in H × 38 in W × 5 in D
Shipping Weight 68 lb
Clearance Allow 29 in overhead clearance for filter cartridge changes
Warranty One year

* Specific to the HF series of purifiers, "zero air" is defined as specially polished Grade E air that contains less than 0.1 ppm of hydrocarbon impurities. It is usable in mixing with pure oxygen or other gases.