Voyager Open I Water-Cooled Nitrox System

The Voyager Open I Water-Cooled Nitrox System is a turnkey package designed for use on boats, yachts, or ships that produces oxygen-rich air (nitrox) and then compresses it with a high-pressure (HP) compressor to fill scuba tanks or storage cylinders. The package is designed to be fully automatic, with an open frame that allows for cool running in hot or humid environments and for easy access to the equipment for maintenance. Water cooling allows for installations in hot areas with poor ventilation. The system pumps air up to 5000 psi (345 bar) and produces 24-40% nitrox (≤EANx40) at 3600 psi (250 bar). System rated to supply 40% nitrox (EANx40) at 7 CFM.


The Voyager Open I Water-Cooled Nitrox System produces efficient and cost-effective nitrox using electric power, without the hazards or expense of blending with stored high-pressure oxygen (O2). Instead, the system uses a semi-permeable membrane to produce nitrox from air. A portion of the nitrogen in air is separated out, leaving an oxygen-rich nitrox mixture.


  • Continuous duty compressors
    - Water-cooled Coltri MCH16 high-pressure compressor mounted in a MiniTech frame
    - Water-cooled Champion R15 low-pressure compressor mounted in a MiniTech frame
    - Seawater pump designed to run while compressors are in use
  • 2 x 7.5 hp electric motors
  • Head unloaders
  • Multiple power configurations
  • Nuvair Electrical Control Box includes:
    - Digital hour meter for each compressor
    - Emergency stop button
    - On/off switch for each compressor
  • Nuvair wall-mounted nitrox membrane system (not shown in images)
  • Two (2) Nuvair Pro O2 Analyzers
    - One analyzer for membrane mix
    - One analyzer for final mix
  • Interstage pressure gauges
  • Dual CAN35 filtration system
  • High-pressure shutdown
  • High water temperature shutdown
  • Low oil shutdown
  • Nuvair low-pressure and high-pressure condensate drain systems
    - Powder coated four-port catch bucket
    - 3-gallon volume tank tied into auto drains


  • Complete state-of-art low-pressure/high-pressure nitrox generating system
  • Designed for vessel use
  • Pumps air up to 5000 psi (345 bar) and generates 22-40% nitrox (≤EANx40) at 3600 psi (250 bar)
  • Open model for cool running and easy maintenance acess


  • Air-cooled system
  • 20 CFM refrigerated air dryer for extended filter life on air-cooled systems
  • CO, CO2, H2S or moisture analyzers
  • Nitrox manager
  • CO2 scrubber
  • High/Low oxygen percentage automatic shutdown
  • Dial-a-pressure shutdown


Nitrox Generator Model Voyager I Open
Physical Specifications Height
52 in (132 cm)
38 in (97 cm)
49 in (125 cm)
840 lb (382 kg)
Full Load Amps 208-230 V / E1 / 60 Hz
208-230 V / E3 / 60 Hz
380-415 V / E3 / 50 Hz
440-480 V / E3 / 60 Hz
32 A
49 A
32 A
28 A
Cooling System Options Water
SKU 7040.6-WC
SKU 7040.6
LP Compressor Capacity @ 175 psi 23.5 CFM (666 L/min)
Horsepower LP Compressor
HP Compressor
7.5 hp (5.5 kW)
7.5 hp (5.5 kW)
HP Compressor FAD for 24-40% O2
(198 L/min)