Champion® L-Series Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Compressors: 5–7.5 hp

The Champion® L-Series L04 and L05 are fixed speed, single stage, oil-injected rotary screw compressors from 5-7.5 hp. These fixed speed compressors come standard with quiet enclosures, load/no load capacity control, TEFC premium efficient motors, wye delta starters, and RotorLube lubricant. Choose from the base mount or the plug-and-play AirStation™ configuration—compressor mounted on a horizontal 80, 120 or 240 gallon receiver tank with or without a refrigerated air dryer. The L-Series L04 and L05 compressors produce 19.4–28.4 ACFM @ 100 psi, 18.2–24.9 ACFM @ 125 psi, or 12.9–18.3 @ 190 psi.


L-Series compressors from Champion® feature more than just the latest compressor technology. They contain the cleanest, simplest, most intuitive machine layouts on the market. Equipped with standard TEFC main motors, wye-delta starters, and quiet enclosures, an L-Series unit from Champion is the optimal solution when a feature-rich, simple-to-operate compressor is required.

L-Series compressors are available in base mount or AirStation™ configurations. The plug-and-play AirStation™ is an L-Series compressor mounted on a horizontal receiver tank with or without a refrigerated air dryer. Featuring standard high-end and optional components such as a three-way bypass valve, stainless steel piping, integrated forklift slots and an automatic tank drain, the L-Series AirStation™ is the ideal solution for a compressed air system that requires minimal installation time and cost.

L-Series L04–L05 Features: 5–7.5 hp

  • Belt drive, oil flooded, single stage rotary screw air compressor
  • RotorLub 4000 lubricant
  • Air-cooled only
  • Standard & optional condensate drains (with receiver tank selection)
  • CRN and ASME rated aftercooler
  • CSA labeled and approved electrical controls and wiring
  • cUL labeled electronics (including C-UL-US open industrial control panel)
  • IP54 electrical enclosure
  • Load/no load control and timed shutdown
  • Moisture separator (shipped loose)
  • Mounted and wired wye-delta starter
  • Optional ASME receiver tank (80, 120, or 240 gallons)
  • Optional mounted non-cycling refrigerated dryer (with receiver tank selection)
  • Optional cold coalescing filter (with mounted CRN dryer)
  • Optional three-way bypass valve (with receiver tank and mounted dryer)
  • Quiet enclosure
  • Spin-on oil filter and air/oil separator
  • Second pressure band control for lead/lag operation
  • Stainless steel piping (with receiver and mounted tank dryer)
  • TEFC main motor
  • Two-stage filter
  • Voltage
    - 230V / E1
    - 208, 230, 380, 460, 575V / E3
    - Dryer on AirStation package has separate electrical connection and voltage

L04–L05 Rotary Screw Compressor Air Delivery, 60 Hz

Model HP kW Noise Level
dB (A)
Nominal Pressure
psi (bar)
ACFM (m³/min)
L04 5 4 68 100 (6.9) 19.4 (0.55)
        125 (8.6) 18.2 (0.52) 
        190 (13.0) 12.9 (0.36) 
L05 7.5 5 68 100 (6.9) 28.4 (0.8)
        125 (8.6) 24.9 (0.71) 
        190 (13.0) 18.3 (0.52) 

For AirStation™ specifications, please refer to BROCHURES tab.