Four Whip Non-Regulated Paintball Fill Panel


This four (4) whip, non-regulated fill panel is designed for large paintball fields or shops. The whips deliver fills at storage pressure. Custom configurations are available.


The PN4-NR fill panel includes:

  • Stainless steel housing and tubing
  • (1) Fill pressure gauge
  • (4) Toggle valves with line pressure releases
  • (4) Rubber weights on fill hoses
  • Dimensions: 50×12×12 in (127×30×30 cm). Weight:

The PN4 is also available in regulated and fully regulated versions (see SKU PN4 / PN4R). See our Paintball Accessories Page for hoses and fill adapters that can be used with our station.

All paintball fill panels are custom-made. Please contact the sales team for estimated lead times.

Please Note: Fill panels are a gas management tool. Fill panels do not generate compressed air. A source of compressed air is required to fill tanks.