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Nuvair is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing customized high- and low-pressure breathing air and nitrox systems for sport diving enthusiasts, dive shops, offshore and inland commercial dive operations, harvest divers, research vessels, dive boats, and yachts.


Nuvair supplies a full line of paintball compressors, fill stations and accessories for any specification or requirement—from the individual paintball enthusiast to large-scaled professional paintball parks or shops. Our package systems deliver 3.4 to 27 SCFM (96 to 764 L/min) at 4500 to 6000 psi (310 to 414 bar).

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Nuvair imports and distributes Coltri CNG compressors for use as natural gas fueling stations at businesses and homes. We have three sizes to choose from based on the amount of CNG required to fuel your vehicles.

Fire & Safety

Nuvair supplies fire stations, rescue organizations and safety facilities with high pressure breathing air compressors, gas analyzers and SCBA/SCUBA fill stations. Nuvair portable and stationary breathing air compressors deliver 3.4-27 CFM (96-764 L/min). Our one- to four-cylinder SCBA/SCUBA fill containment stations come with manual or pneumatic door controls and digital gas analyzers. If our stock equipment do not meet your needs, a custom-built solution will meet your agency's specifications.

Government & Military

Nuvair manufactures and supplies air compressors, nitrox systems, nitrogen generators, gas analyzers, and full-scale surface-supplied diver systems capable of supporting nearly any size government or military operation around the world. Please contact us for specific product information or for bids on your specific purchasing requirements.


Nuvair manufactures standard and customized low-and high-pressure compressors with a wide range of commercial applications in industries like manufacturing, refrigeration, and painting. We compress air and CNG; we generate nitrogen and nitrox to meet your industrial needs.


Nuvair is an authorized reseller and service center for Champion, CompAir and Quincy air compressors, which are often used at automotive service stations and repair facilities. We also stock nitrogen generators used for tire filling and natural gas (CNG) compressors for fueling. Contact us and we will work to find you the perfect compressor solution.


Nuvair specializes in breathing air compressors and oxygen-enriched air generating systems. We can supply turnkey oil-less compressors and oil lubricated compressors with filtration that meet medical industry requirements, codes, and regulations. Please to discuss your specific medical compressor requirements.

Examples of Custom Compressor Solutions

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