Pro He Alarm Replacement Sensor & Board


The Pro He Alarm Analyzer replacement helium sensor and interface board (PCB) is for use in single-gas helium analyzers (SKU 9627, 9628, 9608-LB). This sensor and board are not compatible with multigas sensors. Sensors and boards are calibrated together and cannot be sold separately. Optional FAILSAFE or SMART START modules available.


Why Sensors are Paired with a Board

Why do we sell helium sensors and interface boards (printed circuit boards) together? While helium sensors all share similar construction, each individual sensor contains a small sample of trapped helium. This sample serves as a reference gas. This reference value becomes "locked in" to the interface board. To provide the most accurate results, we only offer the sensor and interface board as a matched pair. The sensor cannot be purchased separately.

ADDITIONAL DISCUSSION: It is possible for a sensor and board to function together even when not specifically matched, but when this happens, the calibration, linearity, and the declared accuracy will not match the declared value. Every sensor is slightly different and every sensor is factory-calibrated with eight (8) certified sample gases. The resulting polynomial calibration curve is programmed into the main board microprocessor. If an unpaired sensor or board is swapped-out, the calibration curve will not be the same and the analyzer's accuracy will be over specification (by 5–10%). This is the reason why customers must replace a sensor and interface board together.

Available Module Options

For 110/220v wall plug-in powered analyzers, two optional modules can be built into your replacement sensor and board: FAILSAFE and SMART START.

Adding the FAILSAFE Module to your Nuvair Pro Alarm analyzer will automatically disable integrated power equipment if: (a) Analyzer power is interrupted, or (b) Analyzer goes into alarm. Adding a SMART START Module to your Nuvair Pro Alarm Analyzer will automatically power-up the analyzer in tandem with integrated power equipment, like a compressor.

Choose one of two available power options and two available module upgrades by using the Module Options dropdown menu (above).


Full Scale Resolution ±2% over full scale
Display Accuracy ±2%
Humidity Range 0–90% rh, non-condensing
Response Time <10 seconds for 90% of final value
Operating Temperature Range 41–104°F
Storage Temperature Range 5–122°F
(–15 to 50°C)
Expected Sensor Life Up to 10 years under normal circumstances
Warranty One year

WARNING: Never expose gas sensors to pressure or you may cause damage and/or false readings. Damaged sensors will not provide accurate gas analysis. Most gas analyzers can be used to analyze a regulated gas sample flow, the contents of a gas cylinder, or the flow from a regulator. The flow rate of gas must equal 1-5 L/min. To produce this flow, a Flow Restrictor and Regulator may be required. A faulty Flow Restrictor can lead to a false analyzer reading. Flow Restrictors should be regularly tested with a Flow Meter. Inaccurate gas analysis can lead to serious personal injury or death.