LP560ME Marine Nitrox Generator

The LP560ME Marine Nitrox Generator™ uses a rotary screw compressor to produce oxygen-rich air (nitrox) that is ready for delivery to a high pressure (HP) compressor for scuba tanks or storage cylinder fills in high-demand applications. Its compact size, low amp draw on starts, and marine grade aluminum frame with a stainless steel compressor plate makes it perfect for below deck installations in hot engine rooms. Delivers EANx40 at 20 SCFM (560 L/min).

The LP560ME Marine Nitrox Generator™ uses a rotary screw low pressure (LP) compressor, air/oil aftercooler, (optional) refrigerated air dryer, and filtration to provide the membrane system with a source of clean, pressurized feed air for separation. The air is filtered to CGA Grade D or better air quality prior to entering the wall-mounted membrane system so it will not damage or plug the membrane fibers. Specifications for Grade D air are provided in the Operational Manual appendix.

The LP560ME membrane system is rated for a maximum feed air pressure of 300 PSI (21 bar) and has been configured to work well with the 175 PSI (12 bar) maximum pressure delivered by the LP compressor. A back-pressure regulator is used to adjust the amount of air the screw compressor produces to meet the appropriate levels for various O2% nitrox production. The air is then heated to a temperature that provides stability over a wide range of ambient conditions, is optimal for membrane permeation, and prevents moisture condensation.

The nitrox system allows for efficient and cost-effective nitrox production using electric power, without the hazards or expense of partial pressure blending with stored high pressure oxygen (O2). Instead, the system uses a semi-permeable membrane to produce nitrox from air. A portion of the nitrogen in air is separated out, leaving an enriched air nitrox mixture. Produces 22-40% enriched air nitrox or can also pump air.


  • Nuvair Nitrox Membrane System with two (2) oxygen analyzers
  • Automatic shutdown for high pressure and temperature
  • Automatic condensate drains
  • Refrigerated air dryer for long filter life
  • Hankison LP filtration for membrane system
  • Microprocessor control or manual control for managing pressure, temperature and maintenance


  • Simplest, most cost-effective nitrox system available
  • Supply LP air or nitrox containing 21-40% oxygen
  • None of the costs, hassles, or hazards of oxygen blending
  • Systems to fit most HP compressors
  • Rotary screw LP compressor provides quiet operation and low maintenance
  • Made to install below deck In hot engine rooms
  • Compact size


Physical SpecificationsHeight
49.5 in (126 cm)
27 in (69 cm)
48 in (122 cm)
685 lb (311 kg)*
20 hp (15 kW)
Full Load Amps440 V / E3 / 50-60 Hz
400 V / E3 / 50 Hz
230 V / E3 / 50-60 Hz
33 A
38 A
64 A
LP CompressorCapacity @ 175 psi 60 CFM (1700 L/min)
Membrane InputOperating Pressure
Supply Air Volume
Optimum Temperature
90-175 psi (6-12 bar)
13-60 SCFM (354-1700 L/min)
110 ±5°F(43 ±3°C)
Rated to SupplyFAD for 40% Oxygen
FAD for 36% Oxygen
FAD for 32% Oxygen
20 CFM (560 L/min)
25 CFM (707 L/min)
34 CFM (970 L/min)

* Model weight varies depending on electric motor type.
Please specify voltage and hertz required when ordering.