NSS Fill Containment Station Series

Also known as a "blast cabinet" and "fragmentation cabinet," our NSS series of fill containment stations offers great functionality in an ergonomically designed package. Choose from 2, 3 or 4 SCBA cylinder or SCUBA tank (aluminum or steel up to 80 cu ft) models. Pneumatic door operator is optional on the 2-cylinder model; it comes standard on the 3- and 4-tank cabinet.
NSS Series

Standard Features

  • All steel construction
  • Grade 8 steel structural hardware
  • Third party tested to meet or exceed NFPA 1901 standard
  • Ergonomic design for easy operation
  • Heads-up control panel allows monitoring and adjustments from a standing position
  • Vertical blast tubes direct air blast and debris away from the operator should a failure occur
  • Different models handle 2, 3, or 4 SCBA cylinders
  • Designed to fit all SCBA sizes
  • 2216, 3000 or 4500 psi fill pressures
  • Isolation valve for each fill pressure
  • Safety relief valve for each fill pressure
  • Supply shut-off valve
  • Color-coded labels for each fill position and fill pressure
  • Color-coded fill lines for each fill position and fill pressure
  • Adjustable, self-venting regulator with inlet and outlet gauges
  • Lined blast tubes reduce wear to SCBA cylinders
  • Open door safety shutoff


  • Available fill devices:
    - DIN
    - International (yoke)
    - SCBA 
  • Auxiliary bulkhead fill connection
  • Pneumatic door operation (NSS-2)
  • Integrated cascade cylinder controls
  • SCUBA blast tube(s)
  • Low pressure (shop air) outlet


Model Cylinders Door Operator Single/Dual Pressure Approximate Weight Approximate Dimensions
(L x W x H)
NSS-2 2 Manual or Pneumatic Single or Dual 560 lb (254 kg) 25 x 26 x 59 in
(64 x 66 x 150 cm)
NSS-3 3 Pneumatic Single or Dual 600 lb (272 kg) 25 x 40 x 59 in
(64 x 102 x 150 cm)
NSS-4 4 Pneumatic Single or Dual 670 lb (304 kg) 25 x 53 x 59 in
(64 x 135 x 150 cm)