Nuvair 751 Paintball & Industrial Air Reciprocating Compressor Oil

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Diester oil for high-pressure and low-pressure reciprocating compressors. Save $5 each gallon when you purchase four (4) or more gallons of Nuvair 751.

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Nuvair 751 is an ISO Grade 150 synthetic compressor lubricant formulated with premium synthetic ester base stocks for use at higher temperatures in a wide variety of air compressors. It will not varnish like many other petroleum and synthetic oils. Recommended for reciprocating compressors and high pressure air compressors. Nuvair 751 can be used in high pressure breathing air applications with proper filtration. It is recommended for high temperature & high pressure applications. Rated by the manufacturer for use with nitrox up to 40% oxygen content.*

Can be used in reciprocating compressors and vacuum pumps using the following gases: Air, Butadiene, Carbon Dioxide (dry), Furnace (crack) Gas, Ethylene, Natural Gas, Helium, Hydrogen, Methane, Synthesis Gas, Hydrogen Sulfide (dry), Sulphur Hexafluoride, Propane, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen.

Oil change intervals of 250 hours or less recommended under good or ideal operating conditions with this oil in high pressure multi-stage reciprocating compressors. Ambient temperatures, cleanliness and filtration of intake air, placement of compressor and proper maintenance are some of the variables that can affect the performance of the oil and the oil interval changes. When used in EANx compressors, oil life decreases with the production of higher oxygen concentrations.

*Must be used properly and meet all conditions of use listed by Nuvair and Coltri.


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WarningWARNING: Never use motor oil in a compressor.