MCH3-MCH6 Filter Tower Add-On Kit


This filter tower add-on kit is designed for use on Coltri MCH3, MCH4, and MCH6 compressors that were purchased without filtration capabilities. This kit is comprised of OEM tubes and connectors and includes an SC000340-M filter element.


Designed for users who purchased a Coltri MCH3, MCH4 or MCH6 compressor without filtration from one of our competitors. The PB-6-05-021 add-on kit features:

  • Complete OEM Filter Tower
  • SC000340-M Paintball/Industrial Air Filter Cartridge*
  • Back Pressure Regulator
  • Fittings and Tubes

* The SC000340-M is a disposable compressor cartridge filter filled with molecular sieve that removes moisture, hydrocarbons, particles, and oil. It is suggested for paintball and industrial air use only.

Filter Element Warnings

DO NOT drop filter into housing.
DO NOT use where operating temperature could exceed 120°F (49ºC). Use of a temperature alarm is recommended.
HEAT & HUMIDITY shorten filter life.
DO NOT introduce large slugs of water into filter.
BLOW all lines and parts clear prior to installation.
DO NOT use where pressure surges are likely.
DO NOT use in system without earth ground.
REMOVE all protective seals and closures.
NOT FOR use in aircraft.
ALWAYS follow standard operating procedures (SOP) for producing breathing gases.
MAXIMUM USEFUL LIFESPAN is six months. Shelf life is two years.

Breathing Air Filtration Upgrade

For breathing air applications, upgrade to the SC000340-MHC disposable filter cartridge that contains molecular sieve, CO catalyst, and activated carbon that removes moisture, hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particles, oil, and taste/odor.

For proper filtration, do not fill tanks rapidly as this small filter is made to handle a maximum of 6-7 CFM air flow. For the filter to work as designed, a 10+ minute fill on 80 cu ft tanks is required. An indicator strip is visible through the clear filter element. The indicator strip should be checked regularly for remaining filter life. It changes from blue to pink to white as the molecular sieve depreciates from moisture absorption.

Breathing Air Filter Breakdown