5 Bank Fill Panel with O2 Analyzer


This Nuvair five (5) bank, five (5) whip gas distribution panel comes with a Nuvair Pro O2 panel-mounted oxygen analyzer. It is constructed of stainless steel and high-quality fittings. Gas distribution panels dispense gas from storage banks to cylinders/tanks. The PN-5BA is commonly used by dive shops, liveaboards, and fire & safety, as an air fill panel. With a maximum operating pressure of 6000 psi (414 bar), it can be used in any application where non-corrosive gas is distributed from storage banks to cylinders. Nuvair fill panels are built-to-order at our California production facility. When ordering, please select input type and fill whip valve type.


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The 6000 psi 5 Bank Fill Panel includes:

  • (5) Storage controls with valves and gauges
  • (1) Nuvair Pro O2 panel-mounted oxygen analyzer
  • (1) High pressure-high pressure (HP-HP) regulator
  • (5) Fill outlet ports
  • (5) Fill valves of your choice: INT (yoke), DIN 232*, DIN 300, SCBA 346, SCBA 347, or Custom
  • (5) Fill hoses - 4 ft long
  • (1) 4 in fill pressure gauge

Available with your choice of input fitting and fill whip valves. This fill panel is built-to-order. Please contact the sales team for estimated lead times.

* Also commonly referred to as DIN 200 in the USA.

Please Note: Fill panels are a gas management tool. Fill panels do not generate compressed air. A source of compressed air is required to fill tanks.