10-Port 4-Whip Fill Block with Valve


This version of our 10-port aluminum manifold fills four (4) tanks simultaneously. Includes (1) open/close valve, (1) pressure gauge, and (4) four-foot fill whips with steel fittings. Available with INT (yoke), DIN 232, DIN 300, SCBA 346, SCBA 347, or custom fill valves. This 10-port manifold is expandable to (7) whips and can be daisychained to additional manifolds.


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Our 10-port fill block fills four (4) tanks simultaneously. The block is made from hard anodized aluminum 6061-T6511 with 1/4" NPTF ports and is rated to 6000 psi (414 bar). Includes:

  • One (1) open/close regulator
  • One (1) pressure gauge
  • Four (4) four-foot (122 cm) fill whips and steel fittings
  • Four (4) Fill valves of your choice: INT (yoke), DIN 232*, DIN 300, SCBA 346, SCBA 347, or Custom

This 10-port manifold is expandable by adding (3) additional fill whips or by daisychaining additional manifolds.

* Also commonly referred to as DIN 200 in the USA.

Please Note: Fill blocks are a gas management tool. Fill blocks do not generate compressed air. A source of compressed air is required to fill tanks.