9-Tank Air/Nitrogen Storage Rack

The Nuvair steel 9-tank rack is equipped with four-point lift eyes and fork slots for use by hoist, crane or forklift. When frame and tanks are ordered together, a stainless steel tube manifold, one inlet valve and one outlet valve are included. Pressure reducing regulators and gauges available as optional equipment. Racks are powder coated blue; other colors available upon request. Other racks can accommodate 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 tanks; our custom racks can meet most requirements. Some racks are available in a horizontal configuration. Certified frames are also available. Unless otherwise stated, air/nitrogen storage tanks are sold separately.



The 9-tank storage rack is equipped with four-point lifting eyes for top and bottom forklift capability. The rack includes a stainless steel manifold with inlet and outlet valves. Optional high pressure storage tanks can be ordered together with the rack.

SKU Tank
Configuration Dimensions / Included Equipment Total Air
Storage Capacity
Total Weight
FR-NUVTR-9 9 Frame Only Dimensions: 33.0 L x 31.0 W x 69.9 H in N/A

360 lb
(345 kg)

NUVTR-9-4500 9 Frame & Tanks Includes (9) 4500 psi storage tanks,
manifold and valves
4440 cu ft
(126 m3)
1709 lb
(775 kg)
NUVTR-9-5000 9 Frame & Tanks Includes (9) 5000 psi storage tanks,
manifold and valves
4780 cu ft
(135 m3)
1890 lb
(857 kg)
NUVTR-9-6000 9 Frame & Tanks Includes (9) 6000 psi storage tanks,
manifold and valves
5279 cu ft
(150 m3)
2126 lb
(964 kg)


* Custom racks are fabricated at our California production facility. Please contact the sales team for estimated lead times.