Oil-Less Rotary Screw Compressors | CA-Series

Champion® has over a century of experience in design and manufacturing of the highest quality compressors. The CA-Series rotary scroll system is the perfect example of our progressive innovation.

Oil-less compressors are a standard in industries such as medical, lab/research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and semi-conductor. Oil contamination is extremely detrimental to these processes. Pure air quality demands are rapidly growing with new regulations and laws regarding oil contamination throughout multiple industries and applications. Champion has designed the CA-Series scroll compressor specifically for these applications that require 100% OIL-FREE AIR, including NFPA 99 & CSA code compliant multiplex systems.

Scroll Compressor Features & Benefits

  • 100% Oil-Less Design
  • Oil-Free/Contaminant Free Air
  • Continuous Operation, 100% Duty Cycle
  • Integral Cooling Fan
  • Special Tip Seal Design
  • 116 psi or 140 psi Options
  • Low Sound Levels
  • Low Vibration
  • Compact Footprint
  • 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 hp (per pump) Options
  • Tank Mounted, Base Mounted, Stacked Frame or Bare Air End
  • Flow rates from 9.2 to 126.4 CFM at 116 psi
  • Less Moving Parts, Low Maintenance, and High Reliability

Champion CA-Series S5 Medical Compressor

Champion—The Total Package

Since 1919, Champion® sells more than just great products. We sell solutions to the compressed air industry through a complete offering of different compressor technologies, air dryers, lubricants, piping, downstream accessories, and genuine Champion parts. Our focus on providing total system solutions ensures your focus remains on running your business.

Compressed air systems require clean dry air with environmentally sound disposal of by-products. That is why Champion support does not stop at the compressor. Proper removal of contaminates is essential in preventing costly damage to equipment. Champion provides a broad range of dryers, filters, separators, drains, and other downstream products to ensure total system reliability.

Industrial & Laboratory Applications

Champion designed the CA-Series Scroll compressor system to meet industrial and laboratory requirements for contaminant free, oil-free, clean air applications. Compressors range from 3–10 hp in simplex through quadraplex designs with optional remote receiver, or available as tank mounted with optional integrated dryer. The CA-Series modular system creates a clean, simple and serviceable layout, maximizing our ability to meet specific application requirements.

  • Industrial
    - Breathing Air (paint and cleaning booths
    - Pharmaceutical
    - Food Processing
    - Laser Cutting
    - Printing
    - Air Bearings
    - Instrument Air (controlled atmosphere) 
  • Laboratory
    - Biotech
    - Photo Laboratories
    - Lens Grinding
    - Dental (denture manufacturing)
    - Quality Control & Testing

Medical Applications

The CA-Series medical compressed air systems provide Category 1, NFPA 99 compliant medical breathing air to healthcare facilities and medical institutions. The oil-less scroll design is a proven technology utilized for the most critical of applications. When dependability and longevity are determining factors for your medical application, the CA-Series scroll system is the perfect choice.

  • Medical Equipment
    - Sterilizers
    - Orbital Arms
    - Radiation - Tomo Therapy
  • Laboratory
    - Medical Research
    - College & High School
  • Medical Air
  • Dental Facilities
    - Procedure
  • HVAC Climate Control
    - Healthcare Facilities
    - College Buildings

Champion CA-Series Rotary Scroll Compressor Brochures

Champion CA-Series | 3-10 hp | Oil-Less | Rotary Scroll Compressor

Champion CA-Series ES | 5-40 hp | Oil-Less | Rotary Scroll Compressor

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