Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Compressors | L-Series

Champion® has over a century of experience in design and manufacturing of the highest quality compressors. The L-Series rotary screw system is another example of the company's progressive innovation.

Equipped with standard TEFC main motors, wye-delta starters, Pilot™ or Governor™ microprocessor controllers and quiet enclosures, an L-Series unit from Champion is the optimal solution when a feature-rich, simple-to-operate compressor is required.

L-Series compressors are available in AirStation™ or Base Mount configurations. The plug-and-play AirStation™ is an L-Series L04–L22 compressor mounted on a horizontal receiver tank with or without a refrigerated air dryer. Featuring standard high-end and optional components such as a three-way bypass valve, stainless steel piping, integrated forklift slots and an automatic tank drain, the L-Series AirStation™ is the ideal solution for a compressed air system that requires minimal installation time and cost.

L-Series Features & Benefits

  • 5 hp to 40 hp
  • Belt Drive (L04–L22) and Direct-Gear Drive (L23–L29)
  • Combination Cooler
    - Combi-cooler with compressed air connection
    - Easy to clean vertical design
    - Operation up to 113°F ambient
    - Air discharge temperature 18–25°F above ambient
  • Superior Serviceability
    - Grouped service components
    - Easily removable canopy allow quick access to service items
    - Easy to clean combination cooler
    - Clear view of oil level with oil level indicator
    - Minimized piping
  • Base Station or AirStation™ configuration on most models
    - 80, 120, or 240 gallon receiver
    - Optional dryer
  • Pilot™ (L07–L22) and Governor™ (L23–L29) Microprocessor Controllers
  • 100 psi, 125 psi or 190 psi Options
  • Low Sound Levels
  • Flow rates:
    - 19.44–193.1 ACFM @ 100 psi
    - 18.2–176.6 ACFM @ 125 psi
    - 12.9–147.4 @ 190 psi

Champion L-Series L22 AirStation

L04–L29 Rotary Screw Compressor

Champion L-Series Rotary Screw Compressor

Champion—The Total Package

Since 1919, Champion® sells more than just great products. We sell solutions to the compressed air industry through a complete offering of different compressor technologies, air dryers, lubricants, piping, downstream accessories, and genuine Champion parts. Our focus on providing total system solutions ensures your focus remains on running your business.

Champion L-Series Rotary Crew Compressor Brochure

Champion L-Series | L04–L29 | 5–40 hp Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Compressor Brochure

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