LV/LVR Series

Fixed Speed Rotary Vane Compressors | LV/LVR Series

The Champion® LV/LVR Series are fixed speed, direct drive rotary vane compressors designed for 100% duty cycle with low noise. Available in airend only, tripod, simplex, duplex, and hypac configurations.

These popular rotary vane compressors are great for applications that require 100% duty cycle but have outgrown a reciprocating compressor and/or have a low noise requirement. When compared to a rotary screw compressor, a rotary vane unit is less complex, less expensive, and often has a smaller footprint.

The 5, 7.5 and 10 hp hypac is a complete air system in one package using a tank mounted LV/LVR Series lubricated rotary vane compressor similar to the simplex with an oversized GSRN refrigerated air dryer to better treat the air before releasing it to the plant supply.

The 15hp hypac incorporates a 120 or 240 horizontal gallon wet tank, with integrated forklift slots, ensuring that the direct driven vane compressor is extremely portable while the oversized refrigerated air dryer maintains an optimal dew point at standard conditions.

LV/LVR Series Features & Benefits

  • 2 hp to 15 hp
    - Tripod: 2 hp
    - Simplex: 2–15 hp
    - Duplex: 5–10 hp
  • CFM
    - Tripod: up to 6.3
    - Simplex: up to 36.4
    - Duplex: up to 72.8
  • Slow speed at 1760 RPM (60 Hz)
  • 100% continuous duty cycle
  • TEFC motor
  • Direct drive
  • 100 psi or 150 psi
  • Refrigerated dryer comes with hypac configuration 
  • Low noise levels

Champion LV/LVRS Series LVR07 hypac

V/VR Series: Simplex* Performance Data

Champion V/VR Series Simplex

V/VR Series: Duplex* Performance Data

Champion V/VR Series Duplex

* All of the above models (V/VR) include a starter.

Champion—The Total Package

Since 1919, Champion® sells more than just great products. We sell solutions to the compressed air industry through a complete offering of different compressor technologies, air dryers, lubricants, piping, downstream accessories, and genuine Champion parts. Our focus on providing total system solutions ensures your focus remains on running your business.

Champion LV/LVR Series Rotary Crew Compressor Brochure

Champion LV/LVR Series | LV01–LV11 | 2–15 hp Brochure

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