Champion 20 HP Duplex R-70 Pump Compressor with 240 gal Tank

The Champion HR20D-24 is a duplex horizontal reciprocating low-pressure, high-output compressor with two (2) 20 hp motors driving dual R70 pumps. Pumps and motors are mounted on a 240 gallon storage tank. The HR20D-24 delivers 169.8 ACFM at 125 psi (288.5 m3/hr @ 8.6 bar) and 155.6 ACFM at 175 psi (264.4 m3/hr @ 8.6 bar). Ships free in the continental United States. For international and outlying state delivery rates, please contact the Nuvair sales team for assistance.


The Champion R-Series of reciprocating compressors have a time-tested, proven design. Rugged standard features, a wide selection of configurations, and premium quality available options make the R-Series compressors the solution to your application. Delivering high performance, long life and tremendous value—Champion compressors are the proven choice!

Standard Features

  • Load-less starting (via centrifugal unloader) for lower energy costs and less wear on drive motor
  • ASME inter-stage pressure relief valve for protection
  • ODP NEMA 1760 RPM electric motor
  • 10 Micron industrial grade intake filter
  • ASME / NB certified receivers
  • 0–300 psi air pressure gauge on tank
  • Available voltages
    - Single phase—115/208–230
    - Three phase—208/230/460/575
  • California Code compliant

Available Options

  • Premium extended warranty kit
  • Multiple tank sizes and variations
    - Galvanized coated tank
    - Vinyl (epoxy) lined tank
  • NEMA 4 full-voltage starter upgrade
  • TEFC motor upgrades
  • Control panel upgrades
    - Test/Off/Auto switch*
    - Hour Meter*
  • Air-cooled aftercooler
  • Low oil stop control* (NEMA 1 or 4)
  • Dual control (head unloaders)
  • Vibration isolators
  • Food grade lubricant
  • Filter maintenance indicator
  • High temperature switch* (NEMA 1 or 4)
  • Automatic electric tank drain*
  • Mass. code fittings
* Hour Meter, Test/Off/Auto Switch, Low Oil Stop Control, Automatic Electric Tank Drain, and High Temperature Switch all have N4 rating as the standard product offering.


SKU Tank
Motor HP Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Shipping Weight 125 psi
125 psi
175 psi
175 psi
HR-20D-24 240 gal
908 L
20 x 2 90 x 67 x 76 in
228 x 170 x 193 cm
2845 lb
(1290 kg)
712 169.8 664 155.6

Accessories Explained

Control Panel Provides thermal overload protection, and transformer provides reliable low voltage output to the auxiliary components. May be mounted or unmounted.
Air-Cooled Aftercooler The factory mounted, heavy duty, air-cooled aftercooler effectively reduces up to 65% of the moisture from discharged compressed air.
Automatic Tank Drain An adjustable electric timed drain automatically discharges moisture from receiver.
Vibration Isolators Isolates the compressor unit from the foundation or floor. Reduces noise and protects the unit from vibrations that could cause damage.
Low Oil-Stop Control Low oil-stop control shuts down the unit when oil levels are below an adequate level. Prevents the unit from restarting until oil level has been restored.
Refrigerated Air Dyer Cools compressed air to a 33–39° dew point, eliminating additional downstream condensation in the air line. Normally, a dryer should be used in conjunction with an aftercooler. Other refrigerated and desiccant dryer types are available.

Standard Warranty

The standard warranty covers parts and labor on the package components for one year and three years on the compressor pump. The Champion philosophy ensures long-lasting, reliable equipment. Our warranty program demonstrates our confidence in our products. Each new Champion assembled unit has a 3-year warranty on the compressor pump against defects in materials of workmanship under normal use and service.

Champion 6 Year Premium Extended Warranty

Premium Extended Warranty

Purchase a Premium Warranty Kit at the same time as your new Champion compressor package to receive extended warranty protection. This offer will double the coverage with an additional 3 years of warranty on the compressor pump (parts & labor) providing 6 YEARS of worry-free coverage. The Premium Extended Warranty also provides an extra 12 months coverage on the package for a total of 24 months. See Premium Warranty form BU-28 for complete extended warranty details.

  • Premium Warranty kit has all necessary service items (oil & filters) for 6 years of annual maintenance.
  • The use of approved Champion lubricants is required to maintain the extended warranty period.
  • Duplex machines require two kits, one for each pump.