Voyager II, III & IV Heavy Duty Nitrox Generating Systems

Nuvair Voyager II, III & IV are our continuous-duty nitrox producing workhorses. These state-of-the-art turnkey systems come in a silenced enclosure for cool and quiet operation. The control panel is mounted at eye level for easy operation. Fill a standard 80 cu ft cylinder with CGA Grade E quality gas in as little as 4.7 minutes! Available in three models with a variety of power configurations.

7044 / 7046 / 7047 / 7049

The Nuvair Voyager II, II & IV are heavy-duty, turnkey nitrox generating systems that produce nitrox (EANx) or pump air. The system compresses gas with a high-pressure (HP) compressor to fill scuba tanks or storage cylinders. The packages are designed to be fully automatic, with a quieted enclosure for noise reduction and protection from moving parts while it is running.

Using electric power, the heavy-duty Voyagers produce nitrox without the hazards or expense of blending gases with stored high-pressure oxygen (O2). Instead, the system uses a semi-permeable membrane to produce nitrox from air. A portion of the nitrogen in air is separated out, leaving an oxygen enriched nitrox mixture.

The Voyager uses rotary screw low pressure compressors, air/oil aftercoolers, refrigerated air dryers, and filtration to provide the membrane system with a source of clean, pressurized feed air for separation. Air is filtered to CGA Grade D or better air quality prior to entering the membrane system so it will not damage or plug the membrane fibers.

The Voyager membrane system is rated for a maximum feed air pressure of 300 psi (21 bar) and has been configured to work well with the 175 psi (12 bar) maximum pressure delivered by the low-pressure compressor. A back-pressure regulator is used to adjust the amount of air the screw compressor produces to meet the appropriate levels for various percentages of nitrox production (22-40% oxygen).

Used by many federal, state and local agencies, the Nuvair Voyager heavy-duty series is also popular with commercial companies including dive resorts and dive shops around the globe. The Voyager is equipped with a CompAir EK76 low pressure (LP) rotary screw compressor and a Coltri high pressure compressor. Each system can pump out air at 5000 psi (345 bar) and 22-40% enriched air nitrox (EAN) at 3600 psi (250 bar) at 9.3-17 CFM FAD (263-481 L/min).


  • Continuous duty compressors
  • LP rotary screw compressor with intake modulation producing variable LP air output
  • Large LP oil/air cooler with exhaust air fan
  • Refrigerated air dryer for extended filter life
  • Hankison LP filtration (four filters with a 500-hour element life)
  • Nuvair Membrane System
  • Permeate and fill O2% analyzers
  • Pumps air up to 5000 psi (345 bar) and produces 22-40% nitrox (≤EANx40) at 3600 psi (250 bar)
  • Interstage pressure gauges
  • 60,000 cu ft HP filtration standard
  • LP/HP hour meters
  • Digital cabinet temperature gauge
  • Digital heater thermostat control
  • Easy-to-remove panels for maintenance
  • High pressure automatic shutdown
  • High temperature automatic shutdown
  • Low oil automatic shutdown
  • LP and HP automatic condensate drains


  • Complete state-of-art LP/HP nitrox generating system
  • Silenced and enclosed for cool and quiet operation
  • Pumps air or nitrox
  • Charging rates of 9.3-17 CFM FAD (263-481 L/min)


  • Trimix
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) analyzer
  • Nitrox manager
  • 90,000 cu ft filtration upgrade
  • Dial-a-pressure shutdown
  • High/Low oxygen percentage automatic shutdown


Voyager II, III, IV
Model Number
Voyager II
SKU 7044
Voyager III
SKU 7047
Voyager IV
SKU 7049
Physical Specifications Height
70 in (178 cm)
37 in (94 cm)
68 in (173 cm)
1425 lb (646 kg)
70 in (178 cm)
37 in (94 cm)
68 in (173 cm)
1474 lb (669 kg)
70 in (178 cm)
37 in (94 cm)
68 in (173 cm)
1625 lb (737 kg)
Full Load Amps 440-480 V / E3 / 60 Hz
380-415 V / E3 / 60 Hz
208-230 V / E3 / 60 Hz
208-230 V / E1 / 60 Hz
26 A
23 A
46 A
95 A
39 A
44.5 A
79 A
55 A
50 A
95 A
LP Compressor Capacity @ 175 psi 29 CFM (821 L/min)
44 CFM (1250 L/min)
59 CFM (1670 L/min)
Horsepower LP Compressor
HP Compressor
10 hp (7.5 kW)
7.5 hp (5.5 kW)
15 hp (11 kW)
10 hp (5.5 kW)
20 hp (15 kW)
15 hp (11 kW)
HP Compressor FAD for 22-40% O2
9.3 CFM (263 L/min) 11 CFM (311 L/min) 17 CFM (481 L/min)