Champion LP R15 Honda Gas or Electric 30 Gallon Tank Mount

Champion R15 low pressure pump with electric start Honda gas engine or electric motor mounted on a 30-gallon gas receiver (volume tank). At 19 CFM (528 L/min) this basic continuous-duty breathing air and industrial air compressor package bridges the gap between light- and medium-duty compressors.



Model LP-R15 Gas LP-R15 Electric
Air Delivery 19 CFM at 175 psi
(528 L/min at 12 bar)
Air Tank Capacity 30 gallons (114 L)
Unit Dimensions
(L x W x H)
42 x 20.5 x 46 in
(107 x 52 x 625 cm)
Weight 435 lb (197 kg) 429 lb (195 kg)
Compressor Type Splash lubricated, 2-stage