Nitrogen Generators

Used regularly in the automotive, manufacturing and packaging industries, Nuvair offers a range of nitrogen production compressors that generate 4-26 CFM (133-736 L/min) of uninterrupted 81-99.9% nitrogen flow at 6000 psi (414 bar), all without the need of storage cylinders or dewars.

Nuvair nitrogen generators produce an uninterrupted flow of 81-99.9% nitrogen gas. The system requires no high-pressure gas cylinders or nitrogen liquid dewars. Nitrogen is delivered at 4-26 CFM (113-736 L/min) volume with pressures up to 6000 psi (414 bar).

Please email or call us to receive a quote on a system customized to your specific requirements.

Information we require to tailor a system to your needs are:

  • Nitrogen purity
  • Flow in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or liters per minute (L/min)
  • Final pressure Voltage & frequency (Hertz)


Nitrogen Generator