Custom CONEX HP & LP Nitrox/Breathing Air System

Commercial dive companies look to Nuvair for turnkey, transportable diver support solutions. We can custom design breathing air/nitrox systems for installation in a CONEX container to support surface-supplied and/or open circuit dive operations. All compressed gas components are securely mounted in the container. The system is typically powered by a 440-volt external source; other power options are available. The CONEX container is movable by forklift or crane from shore, ship, truck, or barge.


Nuvair can customize a commercial high pressure/low pressure nitrox/breathing air system to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for details and additional information on this product.

Featured 8' x 10' CONEX Container Includes

  • Quincy 325 LP compressor
  • Nuvair LP713 nitrox generator
  • Nuvair 26 (MCH36) HP compressor
  • LP air cooler
  • Hankinson LP air filtration
  • Nitrox membrane system
  • Air receiver (volume tank)
  • Control panel
  • Auto drains
  • 440-volt electrical panel