Element LP Nitrox Generator

The Element LP Nitrox System produces oxygen-rich air (22-40% nitrox) for delivery to the intake of a separate high pressure (HP) or low pressure (LP) compressor. The secondary compressor compresses the nitrox to fill tanks for later use or to a LP compressor for direct use by a surface-supplied diver.


The Nuvair Element LP is a nitrox generator that supplies low-pressure enriched air nitrox to an external high-pressure (HP) compressor for tank fills or to a low-pressure (LP) compressor for use by a surface-supplied diver. Although it is described as a "nitrox compressor," it can also be used to pump air. The Element LP comes in electric, gas or diesel powered models and can deliver 6-15 CFM (170-427 L/min) of nitrox depending on percentage of oxygen delivered.


  • 10 CFM (283 L/min) nitrox membrane system with two (2) oxygen analyzers
  • Powered by an electric (single- or three-phase) motor, Honda gas or Kohler diesel engine
  • Portable with four (4) integrated lifting handles
  • Supply nitrox to an HP or LP compressor
  • Grade D LP filtration for membrane


  • Pump HP air or nitrox containing 21-40% oxygen
  • None of the costs, hassles, or hazards of oxygen blending
  • Modular design offers versatility and a simple upgrade path
  • Element LP adds nitrox capability to existing HP compressors
  • Combine with the Element HP for a turnkey nitrox generating system


  • Refrigerated air dryer
  • High temperature shutdown
  • Stainless steel enclosure


230 V / E3 / 60 Hz 25 A
SKU 7054.2*
230 V / E1 / 60 Hz 39 A
SKU 7054.1
Delivery/Power - Electric 6-10 SCFM (170-283 L/min) 5-7.5 hp (3.8-5.5 kW)
Delivery/Power - Gas 6-10 SCFM (170-283 L/min) 11.7 hp (8.7 kW)
SKU 7054-G
Delivery/Power - Diesel 6-10 SCFM (170-283 L/min) 9-10 hp (6.6-7.5 kW)
SKU 7054-D
LP Compressor Capacity @ 175 psi: 23 CFM (665 L/min)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 23 x 44 x 44 in (58 x 112 x 112 cm)
Weight 400-510 lb (182-232 kg)
Operating Pressure 90-165 psi (6-11 bar)
Supply Air Volume 8-25 SCFM (212-708 L/min)
Optimum Temperature 110 ±5°F (43 ±3°C)

*Contact a salesperson for information on 50 Hz models not listed.