Digital Diesel Engine Tachometer & Hour Meter


Combined hour meter and tachometer. Fits diesel engines with any number of cylinders. Digital display reads up to 19,990 RPM. Shows RPM when engine is running; displays total hours when engine is not running with power on.



Lighted display
Engine RPM reading to 19,990
Operates on 1- or 24-volt systems
Flash memory replaces internal battery
Correct reading on any number of cylinders
Displays RPM when engine is running
Automatically displays runtime hours when engine is turned off with power on
Standard cable length: 8 feet (2.4 m)
Job timer and two service timers


Four Timers:
  • Total hours on engine (not resettable)
  • Job timer (resettable)
  • Service Time Reminder (set in hours from 5-50 [an icon flashes])
  • Service Time Reminder 2 (set in hours from 10-250 [an icon flashes])
Uses a 6 mm transducer on the fuel line (must be the correct size for the line)
Needs outside 12-volt power source (which can come from the engine)
One year manufacturer's warranty