PRESEC Visual Filter Element Moisture Indicator


The Coltri PRESEC system wired probe connects to the compressor’s final filter tower and visually indicates the moisture level of the filter element (cartridge). Equipped with three colored LEDs, the PRESEC indicates multiple levels of filter element moisture level and system status.


The PRESEC system's wired probe connects to the compressor's final filter tower and provides visual indicators of the moisture level in the filter element based on electrical conductivity of the moisture. The PRESEC can be added to any high pressure compressor package, but it must be paired with a Coltri Hyperfilter that is equipped with a PRESEC sensor. The PRESEC three LED display indicates multiple levels of filter element saturation* and system status:

  • Steady Green Light (a): System is operational; cartridge OK
  • Flashing Yellow Light (b): Pre-alarm. Element is near its service life and will need replacement soon.
  • Flashing Red Light (c): Alarm. Element is exhausted and must be replaced immediately.*
  • Steady Red Light (c): Alarm. The filter element is missing, or the filtering system is interrupted due to contact or cable failure. Compressor turns off and cannot be turned on again without inserting a new element and/or determining the source of the alarm.
  • While the yellow light pulses (b), the steady green light (a) will illuminate because the filter element is not completely saturated.
  • If no LEDs illuminate, the PRESEC is not powered.

* Filter “saturation” occurs when a filter element can no longer absorb sufficient water vapor to produce air/gas that complies with recognized air/gas standards. The PRESEC indicator changes to flashing red at 25 mg/m³, which is the maximum allowable high pressure breathing air water vapor content per European Breathing Air Standard EN12021:2014 for compressors charging high-pressure cylinders greater than 200 bar (2900 psi).

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