Coltri C-Monitor

Available as an optional accessory on all Coltri compressors, the C-Monitor provides visual indicators for hours of operations, filter element saturation percentage, percentage of battery charge, and hours remaining before recommended oil change.

The Coltri C-Monitor is available as an optional accessory on all Coltri compressors. The C-Monitor monitors compressor use and filter status to help users with periodic maintenance routines.

The C-Monitor measures:

  • Hours of operation
  • Percentage of filter element (cartridge) saturation
  • Percentage of battery charge
  • Hours remaining before recommended oil change

Filter element life is measured by an algorithm that uses the compressor flow rate and the type of cartridge installed as basic data. Based on specific saturation curve of the cartridge, the algorithm samples the compressor running time and ambient temperature at close intervals. Using this data, C-Monitor determines the remaining effective percentage of the cartridge.

Thanks to these visual indicators, it is easy to anticipate and perform routine compressor maintenance.