Air/Oil Separator Element for Rotair RVG10


Replacement air/oil separator element for OEM Part # 157169S. Fits Rotair model RVG 10 rotary screw compressors. Manufactured by Mann Filter.



Dimensions d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 h1
mm M 24x1.5 62 71 93 96 212
Inches 2.44 2.80 3.66 3.78 8.35
Maximum Operating Pressure 20 bar [290 psi]
Residual Oil Content1 max. 3 mg/m3
Initial Pressure Drop1 0.35 bar [5.07 psi]
Service Life

max. 2000 hr / 1 bar Δp

Nominal Flow Rate2

2.0 m3/min [70.7 CFM] 

Permissible Operating Temperatures

Long Term3: -20°C to +100°C [-4°F to +212°F]
Short Term4: +120°C [+248°F]

1 At nominal load and 7 bar overpressure. Inadequate precleaning can impair this value.

2 Operating temperatures relate to the entire spin-on separator system.

3 Short-term: Dwell time at the short-term temperature of not more than 10 min. The distance between 2 short-term peaks must be at least 0.5 h. After approx. 300 peaks have been reached, we recommend changing the seal and filter.

4 Nominal flow rate according to DIN 1945 at 7 bar [0.7 MPa] operating overpressure.