Electronic Touch Screen PLC for MCH36 Compressors

Electronic color touchscreen PLC (programmable logic controller) for Coltri MCH36 compressors. Four screens display different operational aspects of compressor sysem.

Main Display

  • Filling: Displays filling pressure
  • Maximum Pressure: Displays maximum filling pressure. When reached, the compressor turns off.
  • Panel Temperature: Displays internal temperature
  • Running: Indicates compressor on
  • Stop: Indicates compressor off
  • Discharge: Manual discharge

Hour Meter Display

  • Total Hours: Hours of compressor runtime
  • Oil/Filter change: Hours remaining for next oil/filter change
  • Suction Filter Change: Hours remaining for next oil change

Customer Setting Display

  • Maximum Pressure: Indicates maximum filling pressure. When pressure is reached, compressor turns off.

Alarm Display

  • Oil Pressure Alarm: Maximum oil pressure alarm
  • First Stage Pressure Alarm
  • Second Stage Pressure Alarm
  • Third Stage Pressure Alarm
  • Panel Temperature Alarm: Maximum panel temperature alarm
  • Oil Level Alarm: Low oil level alarm
  • Reversed Phase Alarm: Three-phase sequence alarm, reverse two phases of the electrical supply line of the compressor
  • Manostat Alarm: Manostat maximum pressure alarm, the filling pressure reached the maximum pressure set up on the front manometer.
  • Motor Thermal Alarm: Compressor motor thermal trip switch, open the electrical panel and re-set the thermal switch.
Coltri Genuine Parts

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