FAILSAFE Module for Nuvair Pro Alarm Analyzers


As originally designed, most Nuvair Pro Alarm analyzers are: (a) Manually controlled by an On/Off button on the front of the analyzer control panel, and (b) Equipped with a relay that can activate or disable external devices. Some customers with a compressor-integrated analyzer want the compressor to shut down automatically if analyzer power is interrupted or the analyzer goes into alarm. In response to customer requests, Nuvair developed the FAILSAFE Module. Adding the FAILSAFE printed circuit board (PCB) to your existing Pro Alarm analyzer will automatically disable compressor power if: (a) Analyzer power is interrupted, or (b) Analyzer goes into alarm.


The FAILSAFE Module can be installed on the following on Nuvair Pro Alarm analyzers originally equipped with these power configurations:

  • Wall plug-in
  • DIN power

The FAILSAFE Module is not compatible with any battery-powered Pro Alarm analyzer. By installing the FAILSAFE Module, the analyzer will automatically power on when compressor power is turned on. The FAILSAFE Module can be purchased separately by existing Pro Alarm analyzer owners, or the analyzer can be returned by the customer to the Nuvair production facility in California (USA) for installation.

The FAILSAFE Module is compatible with many Nuvair Pro Alarm analyzers power by wall plug-in or DIN power. This installation manual covers the installation of the FAILSAFE Module on the following analyzers:

  • Pro CO2 Alarm Handheld (9616)
  • Pro CO2 Alarm Panel Mount (9617)
  • Pro CO Alarm Handheld (9625)
  • Pro CO Alarm Panel Mount (9624)
  • Pro He Alarm Handheld (9627)
  • Pro He Alarm Panel Mount (9628)
  • Pro H2O Alarm Panel Mount (9607)
  • Pro N2 Alarm Handheld (9613)
  • Pro N2 Alarm Panel Mount (9614)
  • Pro O2 Alarm Handheld (9611)
  • Pro O2 Alarm Panel Mount (9612)
  • Pro O2 Alarm Panel Mount Remote (9612-R)
  • Pro He Alarm Replacement Sensor & Board (9638)

The FAILSAFE Module is also compatible with the following multigas and specialty container analyzers. Due to the complexity of these unique and specialized Pro Alarm analyzers, Nuvair does not offer written guidance to customers on how to install the FAILSAFE Module. Customers are advised to return the following analyzers to the Nuvair production facility in California (USA) for installation of FAILSAFE Module/s:

  • Pro 4 Warn Alarm (9604)
  • Pro Trio Multigas Alarm (9603)
  • Pro CO Analyzer with Low Pressure Alarm (9621.5)
  • Pro CO Analyzer with Low Pressure & High Temperature Alarms (9621)
  • Pro Trimix Alarm (9609-LB)
  • Pro Duo Alarm (DUO – all versions)