Technical Gas 6-Whip Fill Panel

This custom-made technical gas fill panel features six (6) fill whips and is integrated into multiple compressed gas banks containing air, nitrox, 100% oxygen, two trimix mixtures, and oxygen compatible air (OCA). The panel is connected to boosters and a nitrox/trimix blending station.


This stainless steel, custom-made, six (6) whip technical gas fill panel was designed and fabricated at the Nuvair production facility in California.

This panel does it all. It handles multiple fill banks containing air, nitrox, 100% oxygen, trimix. The panel integrates with a Nuvair Pro CO (carbon monoxide) analyzer, a secondary He/O2 (helium/oxygen) analyzer, and booster pumps to assist with filling high-pressure tanks.

Please call for additional specifications, available modifications, and production lead times. All Nuvair fill panels are made-to-order.

Please Note: Fill panels are a gas management tool. Fill panels do not generate compressed gases. A source of compressed gas is required to fill tanks.

Photographs courtesy of zen dive co. (Pasadena, California).