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COVID-19 Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has had worldwide impacts on product shipping and component supplies. If you have expedited shipping requirements, please call the Nuvair sales department at +1.805.815.4044 to discuss available shipping options and product availability. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Nuvair has compiled a list of resources related to compressed gases and the COVID-19 pandemic. Please follow the links below to view related materials:

From DAN's COVID-19 FAQ Page:

If I run my compressor, is there a chance that the compressed air inside my cylinders could be contaminated? Can the new coronavirus get into my filled cylinders?

The new coronavirus is small enough to theoretically enter the compressor without being caught by the filters. The compressor will heat the air up to well above 150°F after each stage of compression. In addition, during each stage, the peak, instantaneous temperature due to near adiabatic heating that occurs during compression, can be at least 360°F (182°C) inside the cylinder, irrespective of whether the compressor is cold or warm. This will therefore occur multiple times. These temperatures are hot enough to eliminate infectivity. Therefore, no live virus should enter a scuba cylinder during filling. It can, however, enter a cylinder if the fill whip or cylinder valve is contaminated, such as by being touched by an infected person. For this reason, it is important to practice hand washing and disinfection of high-touch areas including cylinders and fill stations. For more information, see the “Heat” section of our article Disinfection of Scuba Equipment and COVID-19.