Air/Gas Test Kits

Air/Gas Testing Overview

Does the compressed gas produced by your system meet national/international standards like CGA, CSA, IANTD, ISO, NFPA or NOAA? If you don’t know that answer, we can help! Air/gas specimen sample trapping is easy. Conduct one-time (1x), semiannual (2x) or quarterly (4x) testing as part of a regularly scheduled gas testing program. Everything needed for a air/gas test is provided in the test kit. (View YouTube demonstration video, right.)

To maintain the integrity of your air/gas production, you must adhere to a quality assurance program. As part of the program—especially in the case of critically pure gases—it is prudent to include analysis of the result gas. You want to employ a third-party lab to perform these unbiased analyses. A lab that uses precise scientific methods; a lab with international accreditation and a global presence. We are here to help.

Our contract testing facility has over 30 years experience in the industry and is fully accredited to ISO 17025. All records are maintained indefinitely. Quality control processes include daily instrument checks and using processed approved by equipment manufacturers. Available test standards are described below.

How to Select The Right Air/Gas Test Kit

    Select one of the three options (one-time [1x], semiannual [2x], or quarterly [4x]) by clicking on one of the product links, below.
    On the linked product page, first select which type of air/gas test you would like to conduct.
    Next, select the test kit you need. A special manifold, adapter/s, and shipping supplies are required for air/gas testing.

Available Air/Gas Test Kits

Example of Multi-Adapter Air/Gas Test Kit (SKU SLP-CGAE-1X-ADP-KIT)

Nuvair offers the following test kits on our website: 

  • SLP-CGAE-1X-347
    One-Time (1x) CGA347 SCBA Adapter Test Kit
    One-Time (1x) Multiple Adapter Test Kit
    One-Time (1x) 1/4" NPT LP Adapter Test Kit
    One-Time (1x) Scuba (INT/Yoke) Adapter Test Kit
  • SLP-CGAE-2X-347
    Semiannual (2x) CGA347 SCBA Adapter Test Kit
    Semiannual (2x) Multiple Adapter Test Kit
    Semiannual (2x) 1/4" NPT LP Adapter Test Kit
    Semiannual (2x) Scuba (INT/Yoke) Adapter Test Kit
    Quarterly (4x) Multiple Adapter Test Kit
    Quarterly (4x) Scuba (INT/Yoke) Adapter Test Kit
    Single Air/Gas Test Bag · No Air Test Kit Required

Customers may return the test kit manifold and adapter/s for a full refund. When the test kit and all parts are returned to the testing facility, Nuvair will issue a refund for the manifold and each adapter returned in working condition. Do not ship test kits or test bags to Nuvair. Instructions on how to use the test kit are detailed below under DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: HOW TO USE THE AIR/GAS TEST KIT.

Typical Air/Gas Standards

Examples of the most common air/gas testing standards are listed below. Additional air/gas tests include: OSHA, NAVSEA, NFPA 99 (Medical Gas & Medical Air), NOAA Nitrox I, NOAA Nitrox II,  ISO 8573-1 (Class 0–6), CGA Grade A, CGA Grade J, CGA Grade L, CGA Grade N, EN12021, TO 42B-1-22, FED 1034B, CSA Z180, CSA Z275, and others. For a printable spreadsheet of all available air/gas standards, please click here. For information on tests not listed on our website, please contact the Nuvair sales team.

▼ Analytes / Standard ► CGA
Oxygen (%) 19.5–23.5 20–22 31–33 19.5–23.5 20–22
Nitrogen (%) ------ ------- ------- 78–81 -------
Carbon Dioxide (ppm) 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Carbon Monoxide (ppm) 10 10 10 5 2
THC as Methane (ppm) ------ 25 25 NA 25
VOC as Non-Methane Equivalent (ppm) ------ ------- ------- 25 -------
Nitrous Oxide (ppm) ------ ------- ------ ------ -------
Nitrogen Dioxide (ppm) ------ ------- ------ ------ -------
Nitric Oxide (ppm) ------ ------- ------ ------ -------
Sulfur Dioxide (ppm) ------ ------- ------ ------ -------
Halogenated Solvents (ppm) ------ ------- ------ ------ -------
Halogenated Hydrocarbons (ppm) ------ ------- ------ ------ -------
H2O / Dew Point (ppm/degree) +67/-50°F +67/-50°F +67/-50°F +24/-65°F +67/-50°F
Oil & Particles (mg/m³) 5 5 5 5 0.1/0.1
Unknowns ------ ------- ------ ------ -------
Odor None None None None None

¹ NFPA recommends quarterly testing.
² Oil and particles are analyzed and reported separately.

Detailed Instructions: How to Use the Air/Gas Test Kit

A printable, three-page version of these instructions (with images) is available by clicking here.

  1. Open the test kit box and remove the envelope and foam piece.
    NOTE: The demonstration video shows all available adapters, as pictured (right). Your test kit may have fewer adapters.
  2. Take out the cardboard insert from the box that holds the manifold and adapter/s. You will find one or more individually wrapped air/gas test bag/s inside the box. Take the bag/s out.
  3. Take out the manifold and adapter from the cardboard insert. Screw them together until snug. Hand tight only—there is no need for tools.
  4. Take the test bag out of its wrapper and unfold it. Remove both (two) red colored tube caps and set them aside for later use.
  5. Attach the test bag inlet tube to the white end of the manifold by pressing it snuggly onto the manifold connection.
  6. You are now ready to connect the test bag to your air/gas source. (The demonstration video shows an INT/Yoke scuba tank as the source.)
  7. It is recommended not to exceed 2500 psi (172 bar) from your source.
  8. Open your source and allow the air to flow for about three (3) minutes. You will hear some hissing which is normal—this is the relief valve venting out the extra flow. You will see the test bag slowly inflate.
  9. Once you have let the air flow for about three (3) minutes, turn the source off.
  10. Disconnect the test bag from the manifold and replace both red caps back onto the test bag inlet and outlet tubes.
  11. Take out the customer information card and the return address sticker from the envelope. 
  12. Fill out the card as much as possible. The testing company uses the information you write down. Please be accurate and legible. A fill and print PDF version of the card is available here.
  13. You are now ready to ship your air sample to the testing company.
  14. Unscrew the adapter/s from the manifold and place them back into the cardboard insert.
  15. Place the fill test bag into the box—or ship the test bag separately and keep the test kit if you ordered multiple test bags.
    NOTE: If you ordered multiple test bags, ship the test kit back with your last test bag. Customers who return the test kit with manifold and adapter/s will be refunded the cost of the test kit by Nuvair.
  16. To return the test kit with the test bag: Place the cardboard insert on top of the test bag. Place the foam piece on top of the insert. Put the information card back into the envelope and place it on top of the foam piece.
  17. Close and seal the box. Affix the return label on the box—preferably on the bottom—and ship it to the testing company directly. USPS Priority Mail seems to be the most economical and fastest way, but you can ship the test kit and/or test bag with the carrier of your choice.
    NOTE: Do not ship test kits or test bags to Nuvair.
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