Warranty Registration

General Warranty Information

Materials (parts and equipment) supplied by Nuvair are covered by a one (1) year warranty period from the date of delivery to customer. Should the customer note any flaws and/or defects, it must be reported in writing to Nuvair within two (2) months of discovery or the warranty shall be rendered null and void.

Nuvair shall repair or replace materials it acknowledges to be faulty during the warranty period.

In replacing faulty material, Nuvair shall not be liable for any other expenses sustained by the dealer or its customer, such as presumed damage (present or future), lost earnings or fines.

Warranty only covers flaws and faults that occur where materials are used properly in compliance with the instructions contained in the User Manual and where periodic maintenance is carried out. The warranty does not cover faults caused by improper use of materials, exposure to atmospheric conditions (rain, etc.) or damage during transport.

Materials subject to wear and those subject to periodic maintenance are not covered by warranty and are to be paid for by the customer in full. Routine and unscheduled maintenance must be carried out in compliance with User Manual instructions. If required work is not covered by the User Manual or if technical assistance is required, please contact Nuvair directly by email or phone. Nuvair cannot be held liable for any delays or failure to execute work.

Use of genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts and lubricants (if applicable) are recommended to maintain a product warranty. If a product failure is deemed a result of using non-OEM part and/or lubricant, the warranty will be considered null and void.

Nuvair is not liable for any damage or malfunctions caused by work carried out on materials by unauthorized personnel.

Warranty is rendered null and void if materials are tampered with or if work (other than routine maintenance) is carried out by personnel who have not been authorized by Nuvair.

Warranties are non-transferrable.

Updated 25 September 2020