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If you would like to receive a shipping quote, please provide the following information:

Please Answer These Questions for Us

To help us answer your question quickly, the following information would be most helpful in your email to us:


1. Are you writing about a new purchase or service on used equipment?

a. If it is about used equipment, please include the make, model, and serial number (if any) of the equipment needing service.


2. Intended use of the equipment?

a. Breathing Air and/or Nitrox

i. Dive shop

ii. Commercial diving operation

iii. Fire & Safety

iv. Yacht

v. Medical

vi. Personal use

b. Paintball

i. Park or field

ii. Retailer

iii. Personal use

c. Industrial Air

d. Natural Gas (CNG)

e. Nitrogen


3. Gas output requirements?

a. Maximum pressure required

i. Low pressure: Less than 500 psi (<34 bar)

ii. Medium pressure: 500-1500 psi (34-103 bar)

iii. High pressure: 1500-6000 psi (103-414 bar)

iv. Ultra-high pressure: Over 6000 psi (>414 bar)

b. Cubic feet per minute (CFM) or liters per minute (L/min) requirement

c. Periodic use or continuous duty rating


4. How will the compressor be powered?

a. Electric motor

i. What is the available power supply at the installation site? Please specify:

1. Voltage (208-230 V, 380-415 V, 440-480 V)

2. Phase (E1 or E3)

3. Hertz (50 or 60 Hz)

b. Gas engine

c. Diesel engine

d. Hydraulic