Fill Containment Stations

Our fill containment stations (also called "blast cabinets" and "fragmentation cabinets") are available in 2–5 cylinder configurations with 1–4 storage bank controls. Our two cylinder model comes in manual or pneumatic doors; the 3–5 cylinder stations are all constructed with pneumatic doors.

Nuvair has custom designed and manufactured hundreds of fill containment stations including nitrox and booster integrated systems for a variety of industries including fire stations and dive centers. This section highlights some of our top-selling cabinets.

All custom fill containment stations are designed and fabricated at our California production facility and are made-to-order. If you are looking for a basic cabinet or a customized fill containment system for integration into your single- or multi-bank air or multigas system, please contact the Nuvair sales team for assistance.

Nuvair Fill StationsClick to view/download Nuvair Fill Containment brochure

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For assistance with determining which fill containment station will work for your application, download our Fill Containment Station Selection Guide Form. Once completed, email the form to the Nuvair sales team for follow-up and a quote.

Standard Features

  • All steel construction with Grade 8 steel structural hardware
  • Third-party tested to meet NFPA 1901
  • Vertical blast tubes direct air blast and debris away from operator should a failure occur
  • 2 to 5 cylinder cabinet capacity
  • 1 to 5 cylinder recharging capabilities
  • Designed to fit SCUBA and SCBA cylinders
  • Liners to protect cylinders paint and reduce wear
  • Doors open to 60° for easy cylinder installation
  • Pneumatic door system on all 3–5 cylinder cabinets
  • Open door safety shutoff

Example of 2-Station Control Panel


  • Gas Analyzer/s
  • Storage Bank Controls
  • Nitrox Compatible System
  • Oxygen Clean System
  • OCA Filtration
  • Integrated Booster Pump
  • High Pressure Regulator
  • Pneumatic Door System Upgrade (on some two bay models)
  • Choice of Fill Whips: SCBA, SCUBA, DIN
  • 2216, 3000, or 4500 psi Fill Pressures
    - Isolation valve for each fill pressure
    - Safety relief valve for each fill pressure
  • Ergonomic Heads-Up Customized Control Panel can include:
    - Fill station supply line shutoff valve
    - Multiple storage bank control valve/s and gauge/s
    - Unregulated fill pressure gauge
    - High pressure regulator
    - Regulated fill pressure gauge 
    - Fill pressure gauges and valves for individual cylinders
    - Three-way control valve for hot fill, storage bank/s, or cascade system
    - Nuvair Pro O2 (oxygen) Analyzer for nitrox fills
    - Dump valve
    - Booster control
    - Door control switch
    - Control panel light
  • Choice of Fill Devices
    - SCBA
    - SCUBA INT/Yoke

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