Produced by Nuvair and by manufacturers of equipment we service and sell, dozens of helpful overview and step-by-step DIY (Do-It-Yourself) maintenance videos are listed below and are in the following categories:

  • · MCH6 Compressor
  • · MCH13 & MCH16 Compressors
  • · MCH20 & MCH24 CNG Compressors
  • · MCH30 & MCH36 Compressors
  • · Nuvair Voyager
  • · Filtration: Repackable Element, Agent, Sorbent, Cleanser & Filter Replacements
  • · Miscellaneous Nuvair Videos


What to learn about Nuvair, its production facility, and available compressed gas solutions for personal and commercial purposes? Watch this three-minute video produced by World's Greatest TV Show, featuring Nuvair sales manager Craig Huebner:

Nuvair Featured on World's Greatest TV Show

For additional video content, please visit the Nuvair YouTube Video Channel.


MCH6 Compact Series

The Coltri/Nuvair MCH6 is a standalone, four-stage, high-pressure (4500 psi / 310 bar) compressor made for filling scuba, SCBA or paintball cylinders/tanks on the go. Powered by a gas engine or an electric single- or three-phase motor, the MCH6 is ideal for filling cylinders at home, on boats, at the paintball field or on scene of an emergency incident. The MCH6 is available in the Portable or Compact version.

MCH6 Compact compressors are slightly heavier and have a larger footprint than the MCH6 Portable (also known as the Coltri MCH6 ICON Series) compressor line. Fill an 80 cu ft scuba tank in about 19-23 minutes based upon power source. Fill hose and air filtration system included.

MCH13 & MCH16

MCH16 Mini Tech Diesel

Designed for continuous use, the Coltri MCH13/MCH16 high-pressure compressor block is used by Nuvair in a wide range of compressor models. It is manufactured from top quality materials: connecting rods from aluminum alloy, stainless steel intercoolers and aftercoolers that are more than 13 feet (4 m) in length, and cylinders of special cast iron. The MCH13/MCH16 block delivers up to 11.3 SCFM (320 L/min).

Compressor models include the Mini Tech, Standard, Compact EVO, Mini Silent, Super Silent EVO, Super Silent EVO Tropical, and Super Silent EVO Tropical Plus, Ergo, Ergo Tropical Plus Superdry, Mark 2, Mark 3, Mark 3 Tropical Plus Superdry, Vertical Electric, and others.


Nuvair/Coltri MCH24 CNG Compressor

Nuvair manufactures and distributes CNG compressors for use as compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations for businesses and homes. We have three sizes to choose from based on the amount of natural gas required for vehicle refueling: The MCH24-CNG delivers 14 CFM (400 L/min); the MCH10-CNG charging rate is 6 CFM (170 L/min), and the MCH5-CNG delivers 3 CFM (85 L/min). Click here for additional details on CNG compressors.

MCH30 & MCH36

Nuvair MCH22/MCH30/MCH36 Vertical Electric

The Coltri MCH36 compressor block is at the heart of nearly all high-pressure, high demand compressors manufactured by Nuvair. Depending upon the power unit, the MCH36 can deliver 27 SCFM (764 L/min) at up to 6000 psi (414 bar). The MCH36 can be electric, gas or diesel powered, and is installed in many compressor models and configurations including the Voyager Series, vertical, horizontal, open, enclosed, enclosed and silenced, and water-cooled.

Nuvair Voyager

Nuvair Voyager III

Nuvair manufactures the turnkey Voyager Nitrox Generating System in a number of different models: Voyager, Voyager II, Voyager III, Voyager IV, Voyager IV Commercial, Voyager Open I, Voyager Open II, Voyager Open III, and Voyager Open IV. The Voyager Series is a turnkey package that produces oxygen rich air (nitrox) and compresses the nitrox mixture with a high pressure (HP) compressor to fill scuba tanks or storage cylinders. The packages are designed to be fully automatic, with a quieted enclosure for noise reduction and protection from moving parts while it is running. The systems deliver air at 5000 psi or 22-40% nitrox at 3600 psi.

Filtration: Air Filter, Repackable Element, Agent, Sorbent & Cleanser Replacement

SC000440 Series

A variety of videos covering air/gas test kits; the replacement of compressor air filters, agents, sorbents, and cleansers (for use in repackable filter elements), are posted below.

Miscellaneous Nuvair Videos

Nuvair Logo

Nuvair and other industy professionals periodically produce videos on a variety of topics. Links to these video are posted below.