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SKU 9450Nuvair manufactures gas analyzers for diving, medical, public safety, industrial, government, and military use. Our analyzers are portable, rugged, accurate and easy to operate with user-changeable batteries and sensors. Analyzer configurations include handheld, panel mount, remote handheld, remote panel mount, and water-resistant enclosure. Analyzers can evaluate single or multiple gases including oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and helium (He). For the technical diver, we offer several types of multigas analyzers including the Pro Trio, Pro He-O2, and Pro Trimix. For the advanced diver who is looking for complete gas analysis, we manufacture the Pro 4 Warn, which tests for O2, CO, CO2and moisture (H2O).



Nuvair is an authorized distributor and service center for Haskel boosters. A booster takes gases from a low-pressure source, increases the pressure, and delivers it to a high-pressure destination. No need for motors or engines; the booster is powered by a secondary supply of compressed air.


SKU 7049

Nuvair high pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) air, nitrox, CNG and nitrogen compressors are used around the world by professional and recreational divers; paintball shops, fields, and players; fire stations and public safety organizations; boat and yacht owners; and in the manufacturing, medical, and automotive industries.

Fill Containment Stations


Our fill containment stations (also called "blast cabinets" and "fragmentation cabinets") are available in one- to four-cylinder configurations and with single or dual storage bank fill pressure control. Our two-bay model come in manual or pneumatic doors; the three- and four-bay models are all constructed with pneumatic doors.

Fill Panels


Nuvair fill panels are used to fill SCUBA, SCBA and paintball tanks in dive shops, paintball stores, fire stations, commercial dive vessels, paintball parks, dive boats, and yachts worldwide. If our standard fill panels do not meet your needs, Nuvair can build a custom block or panel at our California facility. Are you looking for Fill Blocks and Manifolds? Please click here.

Filtration & Purification

SKU 162-762-S

Nuvair filtration and purification products include low pressure (LP) and high pressure (HP) compressor breathing air filters, dyers & coolers, air intake filters, and compressor crankcase oil filters. The compressed air produced by breathing air systems is hot, wet and dirty. Nuvair filters remove contaminants like carbon monoxide (CO), water vapor, solids, and oils. With proper equipment operation, testing, and maintenance, you can produce breathing air that meets or exceeds national standards.


SKU EK76-R15-D-E

Nuvair's patented semipermeable membranes produce on-site, on-demand, enriched air nitrox (EANx) using standard air compressors. Purchase a membrane system as a standalone product for integration into an existing air compressor system or as a complete turnkey package for low pressure (LP) or high pressure (HP) 22-40% nitrox production.

Parts & Accessories

SKU 6050.5

Air coolers, auto drains, filters, fittings, gas test kits, gauges, hoses, meters, oil, regulators, service kits, switches, and valves… That is just the start of the parts and accessories Nuvair stocks for all the equipment we service and sell!


SKU 7081

Nuvair air storage and containment solutions include high pressure storage tanks, low pressure volume tanks, and air bank tank racks. Our two- to four-cylinder SCBA/SCUBA fill stations (also known as blast or fragmentation cabinets) comply with NFPA 1901. All air storage and containment solutions can be customized to meet specific requirements.

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