Flow Restrictor 6000 psi: 1/4 x 1/4 NPT


A restrictor serves as a safety device that prevents high flow rates in the event high pressure lines break or become disconnected. The model 796 flow restrictor uses a small orifice but no active element to limit flow. Its advantages are simplicity and the insurance that the flow will not be shut off due to unusual surges. Its disadvantages are some restriction in normal flow, and some continuing flow in the event of line breakage. In some cases the flow restriction can be an advantage. For example it will slow fill times of small tanks preventing "hot" fills. In the event of line breakage some noise and line whip could still occur, however flow rate and whip will be reduced to about 1/10th (10%) that of an unrestricted line.

Type Flow Restrictor
Maximum Rated Pressure 6000 psi
Nominal Orifice Size 0.047 in diameter
Ports (1) 1/4 in FNPT
(1) 1/4 in MNPT
Maximum Flow (with 5000 psi across restrictor) 100 SCFM
Flow Coefficient 0.03 (0.047 in orifice)
Minimum Temperature -100 ºF
Body Material Anodized Aluminum
Weight 1.1 oz (30 g)
Overall Length 2.1 in
Hex Diameter 7/8 in hex by 1.5 in long
Special Notes Time to fill 50 cu ft tank to 2250 psi with 2250 psi upstream of 796: ~3 minutes.

Typical Applications

  • High pressure air station filling hoses
  • Hydraulic lift lines
  • Other hydraulic or gas flexible lines
  • Flow limiters for tank filling
  • Flow limiters for pneumatic operators