Coltri 2nd Stage 70 bar Safety Valve

70 bar (1051 psi) overpressure relief [safety] valve for use on second stage of MCH8-MCH23 blocks. Suggested upgrade for compressors built before 02/2014. SKU 13-00-0206 (this product) is the replacement part for SKU 13-03-0179. For additional information on this item, see page 24 of MCH8-MCH23 Parts List located under the User Manuals tab.
A Pressure Relief Valve (also known as a Safety Valve, Overpressure Relief Valve, or simply a Relief Valve) limits the amount of pressure in a compressed gas system. Without such a valve in place, pressure could build up beyond what the system is designed for and cause equipment failure. The Pressure Relief Valve opens at a designed “set pressure” to protect the system against failure from being over-pressurized. This valve has a designed set pressure of 1015 psi (70 bar).