1/4 in Brass Female End Plug Open Flow Hose Coupling for O2 Service


Open flow hose coupling, brass, size 1/4, plug, 1/4 NPTF female end. Maximum pressure: 5200 psi @ 72°F (359 bar @ 22°C). Oxygen service ready. 


Cleaned for oxygen service. Plugs are also known as nipples. There is no valve in these plugs, so they allow for maximum flow. All open flow plugs are compatible with any of the open-flow sockets of the same coupling size, regardless of the pipe or barb size. Brass plugs have good corrosion resistance and low wear resistance. They are softer and easier to thread than steel plugs.

Maximum pressure: 5200 psi @ 72°F (359 bar @ 22°C)
Temperature range: -40° to 250°F (-40° to 121°C)

Warning: Flow should be stopped before you disconnect your line.