ASME High Flow Soft Seat Safety Valves 1/4 NPT

The ST25 Series are 1/4 in NPT ASME safety valves for small air compressor systems and other related applications. It is compact in size but has a high flow capacity; a resilient rubber pad ensures the valve is bubble-tight to within 10% of set pressure. Stamped with UV and NB symbols. Available in three set pressures: 200, 300, and 350 psi.

ST25 Series
Grouped product items
Product Name Qty
200 psi ASME High Flow Soft Seat Safety Valve | ST25-200
300 psi ASME High Flow Soft Seat Safety Valve | ST25-300
350 psi ASME High Flow Soft Seat Safety Valve | ST25-350

A Pressure Relief Valve (also known as a Safety Valve, Overpressure Relief Valve, or simply a Relief Valve) limits the amount of pressure in a compressed gas system. Without such a valve in place, pressure could build up beyond what the system is designed for and cause equipment failure. The Pressure Relief Valve opens at a designed “set pressure” to protect the system against failure from being overpressurized.


Inlet Size Height Wrench Flat Weight Maximum
ST25-200 200 psi 1/4 in NPT   1.99 in   11/16   2.0 oz 250°F
ST25-300 300 psi
ST25-350 350 psi