Air Dryer: 220 V, 50Hz, 22 CFM, 6000 psi


High pressure air dryer rated for 22 CFM (623 L/min) at 6000 psi (414 bar). 220 V / E3 / 50 Hz power. Order now! Only two units left in inventory.


This final high pressure air dryer is positioned between the final compressor stage and water separator. The compressed air is cooled down inside a closed cooling circuit. As a result, the dewpoint of the compressed air decreases and most of the moisture and oil contained condenses and is removed by the oil and water separator. Other benefits include:

  • Increases filter life—up to 5 times longer
  • Improved air quality
  • Less corrosion on internal mechanical parts
  • Cylinders recharge with a constant humidity percentage


Flow Rate Maximum
Operating Pressure
Power Tube
22 CFM (623 L/min) 6000 psi (414 bar) 220 V / E3 / 50 Hz 8mm 110 lb (50 kg)