Digital Solenoid Timer Series

Digital LED screen with indicator (on/off) light. IP65 case. Bidirectional adjustable timing set range: 1s~99h59m59s, or one-time start mode. Applications: Solenoid valve and other devices requiring timers. Choose from low voltage (7~36V AC/DC) or high voltage (110~240V AC/DC) power supply models.


  • Flame retardant plastic shell with IP65 protection
  • High timing accuracy
  • Microchip controlled
  • Digital LED screen
  • Bidirectional timing set range: 1s ~ 99h59m59s
  • Two circulation modes
    - Switch on first, then off
    - Switch off first, then on
  • One-time mode (start at set time)
  • Supports standard DIN43650A input / output interface
  • LED light indicates ON and OFF state
  • Choose from two power supply options
    - High voltage AC/DC, 110~240V (SKU 3800H)
    - Low voltage AC/DC, 7~36V (SKU 3800L)