Aluminum Non-Vented Reducing Regulator: 6000 psi In > 0–5000 psi Out


Aluminum non-venting reducing regulator. 1/4 in FNPT fittings. Outlet pressure range: 50–5000 psi. Maximum rated pressure 6000 psi. The model 415 is a piston type, hand load regulator that uses an unbalanced poppet design for ruggedness and simplicity. There is a small variation of control pressure with changing inlet pressure as noted in the specifications. A 30 micron filter in the poppet cartridge helps prevent damage by contaminants.


Typical Applications

  • Component testing
  • Air tank fill stations
  • Firefighting air systems
  • Instrumentation and calibration panels
  • Process industry control
  • Shipboard and offshore air and gas control
  • Aircraft service equipment
  • Electronic industry rare gas flow
  • Vehicle CNG stations


Type Reducing Regulator
Special Features Non-Vented
PSI Out 0 to 5000 psi
Hand Loaded/Operated or Dome/Air Operated Hand/Spring Loaded
Maximum Rated Pressure 6000 psi
Outlet Pressure Range 50–5000 psi
Outlet Pressure Rating 6000 psi
Inlet Port Size 2 ea 1/4 in FNPT (One Gauge, One Inlet)
Outlet Port Size 2 ea 1/4 in FNPT (One Gauge, One Outlet)
Flow Coefficient (Cv) 0.06 (equals 0.07 in orifice)
Outlet Pressure Variations with Inlet Pressure Variations 70 psi rise/1000 psi inlet drop
Leakage Bubble tight
Weight 1.6 lb (710 g)
Overall Length 5.5 in
Round Diameter 2.25 in
Minimum Temperature -15ºF (-26°C)
Body Materials Anondized Aluminum
Internal Materials Anodized Aluminum, Brass, Stainless
Seal Materials Kel-F, Viton
Special Note Not oxygen cleaned