Pick-O2 Oxygen Analyzer

The Pick-O2 oxygen analyzer is no longer stocked by Nuvair. Please consider other oxygen analyzer solutions listed below under RELATED PRODUCTS and OTHER PRODUCTS YOU MIGHT LIKE.


The Pick-O2 oxygen analyzer is a handheld device that measures the oxygen concentration in gas mixtures continuously. It measures the oxygen concentration between 0% and 99% and is easily calibrated at ambient air with just one push of a button. The unit is equipped with a long-life oxygen sensor and a battery both selected for the lifetime of the device. The affordable price allows to replace the device once sensor and battery have reached their end of life.


Display 2 digit LCD
Height 0.5 in (2.7 mm)
Calibration 1 Button, after pressing displayed Value = 21 Vol. % O2
Effective range 0-99 Vol. % O2
Resolution 1 Vol. % O2
Accuracy ±0.5 Vol. % O2 from 0 to 50 Vol. % O2
±2 Vol. % O2 from 50 to 99 Vol. % O2
Response Time 90% Less than 2 seconds
Sample Rate 1 per second
Temperature Range 0-50°C
Connector M 16 x 1
(L x W x H)
2.3 x 1.9 x 2.9 in 
(59 x 48 x 74 mm)